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Hwa Chong Centennial Theme

砥砺自强, 厚德载物


To strive ceaselessly for self-improvement; to serve virtuously for communal growth.

“砥砺自强” encapsulates the school value of tireless self-improvement with tenacity, innovation and passion (自强不息), which is key to the success of the school and its wide alumni base. A premier educational institution in Singapore today, Hwa Chong Institution has stood the test of time since it was founded in 1919 because of this value which very much defines the school spirit.


“厚德载物” reflects the school’s education philosophy focusing on nurturing Hwa Chongians of sound character and the positive impact that generations of Hwa Chong graduates have made to the nation and  larger humanity. Anchored in sound moral values, the school’s alumni have contributed significantly in various sectors and industries in and beyond Singapore. Imbued with the school values of “己立立人,己达达达人” and “饮水思源”, Hwa Chong alumni have made it a point to always remember their benefactors and give back to the community.

Hwa Chong Centennial Logo

Hwa Chong’s Centennial Logo combines fluid modern typography with a Chinese calligraphic style.  It celebrates Hwa Chong’s commitment to educational innovation and excellence, while preserving its rich culture and heritage.


The 百 (Chinese character for 100) uses bold fire-inspired brush strokes to portray Hwa Chong’s pursuit of the 自强不息 spirit (one of the school values which means tireless self-improvement with tenacity, innovation, and passion). The design is also unique in that when tilted sideways, the character “百” also shows the number “100”.